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Voxlog is an audio capture solution for court hearing available in three versions to better meet the market needs.

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Beenote is software that helps you plan, execute and follow up your meetings.

The success of any organization depends on its ability to deliver. Beenote® is your partner to help you achieve your goals by giving you a synchronized timeline of your decisions and of the tasks assigned during meetings.

Comnet Technologie

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Innovative, scalable and adaptable sofware

From a breakup, great projects are born. After leading for more than 20 years his former company, Louis Turmel, with his team, has decided to conquer new markets with an established solution named Voxlog®, designed for the legal market, and wants to change the world with a new solution, Beenote®.

Comnet Technology was born from a desire to become the leader on the world market of PMM (Project Meeting Management) with the Beenote® solution.

  • Dynamic and innovative people

  • No compromise on quality

  • The best software experience

Our team

Une équipe passionnée, dynamique et novatrice

Louis Turmel

Founding President
Working in the areas of computing and telecommunications for over 20 years, Louis Turmel started four company.

Marc Laperriere

Director of Operations
Combining 29 years of work experience, including over 10 years in management activities, Marc joined, in September 2014, Comnet team as Director of Operations.

Mission and values

What drives us everyday

Voxlog is installed in over 1000 courtrooms and courts making it the largest recording system in the courtrooms in Canada

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